Churches – Information

Churches – Information

We have seen a need in many churches through the years of teachers.  Pastors just not having enough teachers to fill their need.  Pastors needing quality materials for Sunday School, Bible Classes, Shut-ins, or even to offer college level classes in their church.  

The eight courses that we now have available are only the beginning.  Each course consists of 13 – 16 lessons that will average 45 minutes each.  They can be purchased and used repeatedly in multiple classes.  The courses are recorded with the instructors that have written the materials doing the teaching.  

The cost of each course is $300.00 for multi-user, and will include all lessons pertaining to the course purchased.

I believe the materials in the long run will be much more cost efficient than curriculum that has been made available to churches in the past. 

Again, our goal is to be a help to God’s people, by presenting a means or method of teaching that will enhance their desire to learn.  In return I believe they will have a greater desire to serve.

If you need more information, or have other questions, please contact us.

Online Courses Available

Behold the Lamb (Life of Christ)

Bible Geography (Bible lands: peoples, places, and events)

Eschatology (Last Things)

Evangelism and Stewardship

Feast and Offerings

Pastoral Theology I Timothy (Church Behavior)

Philippians (Christian Joy) (Circumstances, People, Things, Worry)

Revealing Islam And Its Role In The End Times

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